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Josarflor is a competitive and innovative company which produces and sells roses of excellent quality since 2003. Owned and managed by Ecuadorian investors, its goal towards excellence is reached by offering premium products and services and achieving supreme customer satisfaction, thus making every special moment unforgettable.

The farm is located on the slopes of the majestic volcano Cayambe in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador at 2.800 meters above sea level. Its privileged location in the middle of the world contributes to the production of roses with special benefits and unique characteristics.

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Each of the Josarflor’s Roses processes are designed and implemented to ensure high quality product.

Coordination between our team of collaborators, technology implementation and deep respect for the environment commits us to exceed the expectations of our customers worldwide.

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Our team consists of 400 people who make possible to achieve high quality standards of Josarflor’s Roses.

The continuous improvement effort, good attitude and enthusiasm are qualities of our employees; who with constant training, are the ideal recipe to exceed the expectations of our clients


Our roses are produced and packed under strict quality standards, where, the respect for people and the environment are priority. In our continuous improvement effort we have obtained certifications Flor Ecuador and BASC that support and guarantee the processes of Josarflor’s Roses.

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Sunset X-pression
We are proud to present our new rose: Sunset X-pression. See more here.
We are proud to present our new rose: Playa Blanca. See more here.